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Jace at 6 months

This boy is what life is about. I'm still so in love with the baby stage and am eating him up. He is well over 6 months now and doing a lot! Sitting up, rolling around, tummy timing all the time, slapping, pulling, holding things, sneaking his thumb in his mouth sometimes . . bouncing around and kicking his feet. He's going to love being mobile once he gets there. He's doing this cute nose crinkle thing when he smiles his cheese smile at us, or before he's about to cry. He's exploring his voice a lot more, likes to try to copy our noises and is all about his toys. He observes everything and waits anxiously to lock eyes with someone so he can give them a big smile. He is doing good at daycare {playing lots} and still sleeping all through the night. He sleeps in 10 different positions at night, preferably on his belly or side. He rolls around all night. Sometimes we have to go in there to make sure he's breathing, because who sleeps on their face, right?! He is such a loon. I think he's the absolute cutest when he sleeps, especially in his car seat. I have a hard time focusing on the road when I could be looking in my mirror at his sweet little face, so peaceful. {But, of course I keep it together and get us around as safely as I can!}. His giggle is still contagious as ever and cannot wait until his Dr. appt this week so I can see how long this boy is. He seems so long to me! Bigger hands and toesies now, almost growing out of his boat shoes, already {what?!}! I will be saving those Sperry's for life. OK, that's about it for now... Did I annoy you enough?! hahaha

Cher joy

Happy Sunday friends. Remember Cher Joy? Well, I'm trying to pick it up again and share a little joy from my week. Today is going to be gorgeous and we're heading out to Wilder Ranch. Maybe a little mani for me, some groceries for the week, prep for more visitors to come this Thursday, a nap with the little boy, walk the dogs, get ready for another week. As I get older I realize how fast life is picking up. A month as an adult flies by. The weeks are soaring. Jace is already almost 7 months. Slow down world. Anyway, here's what brought me joy last week:

1. The free pancake breakfast after the Race through the Redwoods in Felton.
2. A clear week, with NOTHING on the calendar. So invigorating.
3. Working from home on Thursdays with my Jace. Going great so far.
4. Night time, bath time with Jace face.

Have a great week friends!

The best barbecue in Santa Cruz: Aptos St. Barbecue

When we have visitors to Santa Cruz, it's almost guaranteed that one of the nights {OK maybe two} will be spent eating out. Yeah, we'll grill and make big breakfasts at the beach house, but sometimes, dinner just isn't going to happen. And Rob and I together are a bad combination because we love to eat and we love to eat out, ha. So when visitors come, we jump at the opportunity to take them somewhere local & delicious. On Tayler's last night we took her to Aptos St. Barbecue in downtown Aptos, one of our favorite go-to spots for a good dinner (or late lunch}. It's like walking into a Southern BBQ/music house -- live blues most nights, great beer selection, picnic table style eating and a barbecue-infused menu! Tay ordered a chicken salad, but we did not. I always go for the pulled pork, and Rob the tri-tip sandwich. Seriously amazing. Meat is tender and soft -- barbecued to perfection that day. I can't get enough of their barbecue sauce either. I could drink it. I basically soak my sandwich in it. Their coleslaw is the real kind of coleslaw, too -- refreshing and light. You probably don't know, but I'm a huge cole slaw snob and this place just gets in. If you go, try any of their meats, but on the garlic bun. It will change your world and keep you coming back for more.

Taylor is about the sweetest, most gorgeous thing. Love her with all my heart. 

And until I can get someone to take my picture without me blinking or scratching my noise or cleaning my teeth, here are some of the two men in my life: 

If you see us out & about, we're probably doing this {kissing jace face!}.

Check 'em out! 

A birthday bonfire

A dear friend of ours celebrated a birthday in July and we wanted to make it extra special. This gal means the world to us {in case you can't already tell, she's plastered all over my blog half the time}. I know she's not going to like something sappy written about her, but she's seriously a beautiful person. I don't know what I'd do without her. Miss Heather wanted a low-key birthday so we did just that. We brought the party to the beach for a sunset bonfire with Smoked Chocolate S'mores, champagne . . & hot dogs, hahahaha. Jace didn't want to miss his Auntie's birthday so he came along for the party, too. I know this is a little back-dated, but Happy Birthday Heather. Hope you enjoyed!

{the lovebirds <3}

we love you so much heather w!

Diaper butt

I was going to title this blog post "white sheets" because I was excited about clean white sheets and a clean baby, but then I got lost in little Jace's butt. Every time I'd try to get a shot of his face, he'd flip onto his belly. He's really into laying on his stomach and pushing his butt into the air. I think someone is getting ready to crawl!! . . And I gotta give it to The Honest Company. They have the cutest dang diapers around. I mean, woodland creatures printed on diapers? Really?! Love.