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A birthday bonfire

A dear friend of ours celebrated a birthday in July and we wanted to make it extra special. This gal means the world to us {in case you can't already tell, she's plastered all over my blog half the time}. I know she's not going to like something sappy written about her, but she's seriously a beautiful person. I don't know what I'd do without her. Miss Heather wanted a low-key birthday so we did just that. We brought the party to the beach for a sunset bonfire with Smoked Chocolate S'mores, champagne . . & hot dogs, hahahaha. Jace didn't want to miss his Auntie's birthday so he came along for the party, too. I know this is a little back-dated, but Happy Birthday Heather. Hope you enjoyed!

{the lovebirds <3}

we love you so much heather w!

Diaper butt

I was going to title this blog post "white sheets" because I was excited about clean white sheets and a clean baby, but then I got lost in little Jace's butt. Every time I'd try to get a shot of his face, he'd flip onto his belly. He's really into laying on his stomach and pushing his butt into the air. I think someone is getting ready to crawl!! . . And I gotta give it to The Honest Company. They have the cutest dang diapers around. I mean, woodland creatures printed on diapers? Really?! Love.  

Our busographs

Seriously in love with these pictures. Glad we could still celebrate Santa Cruz Beer Week, even if we brought baby in tow. Jace had a blast taking in the crowd and was completely game for the photo booth. I have a feeling he's going to be a lot like his Daddy ;)

Santa Cruz Beer Week at Beer Thirty

It's Beer Week here in Santa Cruz, and we decided to kick it off at Beer Thirty in Capitola with friends. Uncommon Brewing and Highway 1 Brewery took over on tap for the night. Friends in Cheeses Jam Company brought an assortment of organic, culinary delights, including savory, farmstead cheeses, homemade jams, olive jars, pickled peppered hard boiled eggs, meat from El Salchichero and more. All paired well with the beers on tap, even the lavender beer I got {!}. And the highlight of the night? The Booth Bus was parked on the patio all night, and we definitely took advantage.  Jenna & Anthony, the master minds behind the vintage Volkswagen Booth Bus, are the friendliest, sweetest couple. They drive all around Northern California, providing busography to all! So brilliant. Such a great night. You can see more pictures from the event at Santa Cruz Waves -- including of our beautiful friend and owner of Beer Thirty, Olive ;)

And now for the best part! Enjoy :))

{video by Miss Heather // song credit: Wildfire by John Mayer}

What to registry for your baby - month 1-6

I remember when I was pregnant and was searching the internet for what I should register for to best prepare me for mommyhood. Cup of Jo has a pretty good post on what to registry for, but other than that, I wasn't finding much. In all honesty, Cup of Jo's is pretty extensive. I pretty much registered for one of everything she recommended. And occasionally I'd see something on Instagram I'd save to my registry. So, after being at this for a few months now, here are my honest-to-God, must-haves for the first 6 months with baby. Yes, you'll want to have some other things like a breast pump, wash cloths, onesies, pacifiers, rattles, and a jungle gym {maybe a swing of some sort}, but these were our absolute saviors.  I don't know how to add a number graphic to my little collage graphic just yet so I'll try to go in order, from top, left to right. Here goes:

1. Mrs. Meyers Baby Blossom. Seriously the best smelling laundry soap ever for baby. I smell it and my brain goes crazy for baby. It's what reminds me of Jace now, in clean clothes. When he smells sweaty and ripe from his day at daycare, I give him a quick wipe down and put on a clean onesie, fresh out of the dryer, and it's amazing. It has never irritated his skin and is about the best thing you'll put up to your nose. Babyland deliciousness.

2. Lanolin. Next to coconut oil, this was my nipples' best friend when I was breastfeeding. Safe for baby, too.

3. The Honest Co. Healing Balm. I not only use this for skin rashes, but for anything of the sort. If his chubby neck rolls were starting to chafe, I put some on. If he was sunburnt {bad me}, I put some on. His skin never reacted and it did nothing but heal him -- and fast! Good stuff.

4. Snap-N-Go Carseat Carrier. It really is as easy as it sounds. You snap your carseat in {of any brand} and go! Easy to fold up and the best thing to have when you don't want to carry around your 17 lb baby in a carseat in CVS. I didn't leave the house without it and still don't.

5. The Happiest Baby on the Block. best. book. ever. This book prepared us like no other. Even in the first day of having Jace I used some of the techniques and saw it work instantly. Who knew shushing would work?! Jace loved it, among all the other little "S"s! Go for the DVD, too, while you're at it.

6. Miracle Blanket. If you read The Happiest Baby on the Block, you'll need a swaddle. Or in my case,  the Miracle Blanket. It looks complicated at first but once you get it after a couple tries, it's the easiest thing in the whole wide world and so effective. Jace slept the soundest when he was swaddled in his Miracle Blanket. You need one. I'm telling you. If you can't tell already, I'm using the word "easy"a lot -- see a pattern? The easier the better.

7. Twelve Hours Sleeps by Twelve Weeks Old. All I gotta say is, it works. Trust me, Jace is 6 months and STILL sleeping all through the night. Brilliant and easy to read and follow. Make it work for your household and everything should fall into place {or at least it did for us, with some practice & routine}.

8. Zutano Fleece booties. It was hard for me to spend money on baby shoes. Especially when they're growing so fast from newborn to full on baby. Jace even grew out of socks fast, so when I came across these booties, handed down from a friend, I was so happy. They go with everything, are easy to put on {and wash!} and they keep the baby toesies very warm. A must for your baby's feetsies! They even come in cute stripes.

9. Digital baby monitor. Night-vison, temperature gauge and alerts, music, walkie-talkie, great sound, easy to charge and set-up. GREAT product and so important to have when you start putting baby in the crib to sleep at night or down for a nap during the day. You can empty the dishwasher, read a book on the patio, or take a shower, worry-free with this monitor! It's awesome.

10. Dr. Brown's bottles. They're great. I used the Medela bottles while breastfeeding and pumping, but then moved to Dr. Brown's shortly after. Something about their vent, easy-flow system that makes feeding so much easier and happier for baby. Less spit-up, great burps and faster feeding when ready. Super happy with these bottles.

11. Newborn to Toddler bath tub. A big favorite of Rob's. Guess his family used this with his little brother & sister. And I'll tell you, we tried a few different baby wash tubs, and this one definitely topped them all. Loved the newborn swing. Then it was easy to remove to plan for the baby stage of sort of sitting up, sort of leaning. Easy to use and clean, lots of room for baby to kick and splash, fits in the sink or in the tub. Get it. The price is right, too.

12. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. Great for swaddling, a light blanket to lay over a sweaty baby, wiping up drool, lying on the floor with toys, anything! Easy to wash and they really hold up. And the different designs are darling.

Hope this helps! I'll be taking note of all my favorites moving into the next 6 months. Can't wait!