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Christmas tree farm - year 3

This year marks the third year to the Christmas tree farm up in Bonny Doon {omg, we've been here almost 3 years?!}, but this time we brought Jace face {duh}! It's not like we'd leave our child at home for a tradition like this, lol. Last year I promised myself I would go for the beachy tree this year {its bristles look like pieces of coral!}. Of course Rob didn't want to go for the sea foam color so we found a greener one with the same unique bristles and called it even. And I'm so glad we did. It smells so good and up in our living room, it's like we're living in a Dr. Seuss book. The branches and bristles at the top wisp out like feathers. The texture is beautiful and after two weeks this tree still smells amazing. Thank God we haven't had any visitors staying over at our house, or else they'd be sleeping right next to it, ha. It's a little overpowering. Maybe I should have asked what kind of tree it actually is. Next year I guess ;) See past year's Christmas tree farm adventures here and here. Again, real trees are the way to go. Hope you all had fun picking out yours this holiday season.

{little boy sure likes his cuties.}

{there she is!}

{my kisses aren't amusing to Jace, obviously.}

{Jace hated the hat, can you tell? But no matter, I strapped that thing on him to keep his little ears warm.}

An afternoon on the Santa Cruz pier

Christmas is in high gear around these parts. December is already flying by. It's quiet in my house tonight, the tree is glowing, Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red is on shuffle and I'm going through all of the pictures from our Sunday on the Santa Cruz pier with Heather. Jace's first Christmas. Wow. This little sweetheart of mine is already 10 months & 2 weeks. I can barely keep up. He is so smiley. I am truly so blessed to have him. He is such a bundle of love.

This last one might be my most favorite. It's so us and how we are with Jace. We're constantly giddy and smiling around him. We're all a bunch of hams. And then there's Jace, always taking the hugs and kisses we smother him with. Until he's over it and wants to crawl on the pier and ooh and aah at the seagulls. Thank you so much Heather for capturing all these little family moments for us. We love you! 

A holiday dinner at the Cremer House

Last weekend we went to the new Cremer House in Felton for a little Christmas dinner with good friends. It was the most perfect place for dinner for the holiday with friends, and we had heard great things. Built by Thomas Cremer in 1874, The Cremer House is the oldest building in downtown Felton. For many years it functioned as the Grand Central Hotel, a restaurant, bar, and boarding house. And now it's come alive once again and has attracted quite the crowd. Only open for dinner right now, the line starts pretty early. Thankfully, we got there right at open. Their coffee BBQ wings, chicken pot-pie and turkey meatloaf are to-die-for. They also have fried chicken, apple cider donuts {heaven} and serve Vertigo coffee from San Juan Bautista. It's cozy, romantic and delicious. And I almost forgot about the beer. The beer! Yes, they have beer and plenty of it. Go for the full tasting. So many good things to say. I really can't wait to go back.

{heated patio seating.}

{We've learned to entertain and distract the little one while out to dinner. Such a task!}

{Jace & his Auntie Heater}

{Thanks for such a lovely dinner friend! Had so much fun. I'm sorry I ate all of your donuts.}

Jace face Fri-YAY

Well, hi Jace!

Our weekend in Washington

The three of us just got back from a long weekend in Washington to see our extended family. A trip was long overdue and what a great time we had. Jace was an all-star, all around. He traveled very well and even slept on the plane. Up until the pressure got to his ears on the way down. Now that he is mobile, it's hard for any of us to sit still it seems like. He's wanting to crawl everywhere, put everything in his mouth and babble non-stop. And socks for babies are really useless if you ask me. They don't stay on and I can never keep a match to one. Jenny McCarthy was so right.

A majority of the time I didn't have service, and I forgot my Canon {plus, I'm finding it more and more difficult to take pictures when I'm chasing my speed-crawler around}, so here were the shots I DID take. So many special moments and even an encounter with the horses! It was so heart-warming to be around family this time of year. Jace loved all the cuddles from his aunts and uncles and cousins, and especially his Great-Boompa. We got so much conversation in and laughs. This is a trip I know we'll remember forever. It rained almost every day, all day, but we didn't mind. We loved waking up to thunder, a warm fire and hot coffee. Grandma made Mexican Hot Chocolate for us one afternoon and it was the most perfect treat. We even had a big, pre-Thanksgiving feast together. After, we talked into the night, looking at pictures and cracking up about past times by the fire. It couldn't have been more picture perfect {without the pictures, oops}.

One of Rob's cousins got married in Mukilteo; the ceremony was absolutley beautiful. Ben Folds' The Luckiest played, pasta bar for dinner, a cupcake tower, jam party favors, and an awesome DJ to take us into the night. Even Jace danced with us into the late hours. We were so happy to be part of Jessica and Matthew's special day. As the years go by, you realize how important family is and how precious moments like these are, to spend together, watching each other live life and begin new adventures. And I must say - marriage is the best adventure of them all! I couldn't be happier for the newlyweds! Overall amazing trip. We miss everyone so much, but feel blessed that we got to spend so much quality time with them. Looking forward to more cousin's weddings and trips to Washington in the near future! 

 {Jace couldn't keep his hands off Miss Lucy}

 {one of these days I'll find shoes that stay on Jace}

{this guy would not sit still. I barely got a good photo with him!}

 {the view from the party. The rain cleared just in time.} 

{Jace is really into open-mouth, tongue out kisses. Watch out xxx} 

 {4 generations}

 {all the cousins with the bride!}

{On our last day, his Grandparents scheduled us some formal portraits, including some of this snowman.}

{They also stopped at VooDoo donuts with us on our way out of Portland. The bubble gum was amazing.}