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Cher-ing Joy with Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints recently reached out to me about my Cher Joy series on this here blog. A series I love to keep up with and often roll into my Giving Joy category. We brainstormed together and found the cutest cards to personalize with a little note of joy, actually, one of my favorite quotes about joy of all time.

As soon as I received in the mail, I poured myself some bubbly, sat myself out on the patio and started writing little love notes to my friends. Sealed the envelopes with some washi tape and sent them off to deliver their joy. Have you wrote a friend lately? Try writing a note to someone you’re thinking of. I’m sure it will bring them an ounce of unexpected joy. And, isn’t unexpected joy the best feeling in the world? Go for it,  share some joy.

A special thank you to TinyPrints for the great idea. What a nice, quick way to “cher” a little joy, and for a good price, too. 

About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by this place I like to “Cher Joy”.

A little bit about me. Being happy comes incredibly natural for me, and I’m thankful to God for that. Rainbow, sunshine, a joy to my core you could say. I love life and love documenting all the special moments, and even the hard moments. Because come on, life isn’t sunshine and rainbows every day. But it sure is worth living. Or at least that’s what I think. By day I’m a marketer, by any other time of the day I’m the proud momma of three boys: Jace, Walker and Callen. Me and my husband live in Scottsdale and are still choosing love and each other, even after almost 20 years. Here are 50 more things about us.